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I have friends that live in Houston, Texas and they say it’s a nice place to live. I have never been in that state. I had been to different states due to visiting some relatives in New York and Illinois, we pass by several states, but Texas isn’t one of them. I was told that there’s a lot of nice places there, amusement centers, malls, shopping stores and of course, auto shops like Houston auto repair which is really close to my friend’s house.

Memorial Day weekend is getting close and I asked my friend that lives in Houston if they can come over for the 3 day weekend and we will celebrate AJ’s 3rd birthday if they are coming. She said, she’s not sure because of their van might not be reliable anymore, since it’s been parked in their garage for the longest time. She is planning to buy an Acura Integra real soon so that she doesn’t have to worry about her van breaking down in the middle of the road. I told my husband about the situation and he said, maybe they need to do some tune up on their van, I guess, it’s not being used since she only drives her little car going to and from work.

People who own vehicles need to know that they have to take good care of their cars or vans and all that, make sure tires are all working good, and also oil change is very important. Otherwise, they could end up breaking in a place where they least expected. I am so lucky that hubby is a handyman, he also understand about cars, so I have a mechanic on hand that doesn’t charge me a penny, just a little message before he goes to bed. What more can I ask for??

Have a great day to all!!

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