Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Dining Room and Kitchen

100_1775                                    BEFORE picture..


This is the latest look of our Dining Room, after long hours of working on it, painting and all, now it looks decent. We don’t normally eat here, because we have a breakfast table in the kitchen.

100_1785BEFORE picture with the old fashioned wall paper and brown cabinets.

100_2932 When I planned on repainting the kitchen, I was thinking of deep green wall and white cabinets. I made a mistake of buying this bright green paint, but I put it anyways, and my white plan for the cabinet didn’t work, since while I was painting the cabinets, it looked horrible. So, I decided to paint it bicycle yellow, and although it can blind your eyes when you look at my kitchen, it will work for now.

100_1787 (Medium)                                        BEFORE picture


Painting the cabinets with the doors in it is actually a pain in you know where. I won’t do it again even if my life depends on it.. I had to put 4 coats of paint to cover the brown color of the cabinets. I will never do it again, unless I got threatened by my hubby to paint it orange..

Whew! that’s it for now, and I will see you again soon for the other parts of the house.


Lina Gustina said...

Your new kitchen is so fresh and energizing...

anne said...

ang galing mong mag paint girl ah hehehe

AC said...

waaah!!! eh talagang masakit yan sa kilikili... hindi ko pa na try mag paint ate liz... sana magkaron na ako ng sariling bahay para I can do whatever I want na.. hehe... kahit neon pa ipintura ko... hahaha!!! Ako, I want a red kitchen with black-brown cabinets... in my dreams.. hahaha!!!

Anney said...

Ganda ah! Galing mo naman mag pinta! Cute ng color combo! Nahirapan ka man sulit namn ang resulta!