Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jambalaya for Dinner

I never had Jambalaya until February 7th, 2010 when we stopped by at our friend’s house and they served Jambalaya for dinner. I told them I had never had any and I didn’t know if I would like it. They gave me a small portion anyways and I liked it. From then on, I make it at least 2x a month.

Very easy preparation and simple ingredients.

You will need, a box of Jambalaya mix


A package of Eckrich Smoked sausage


Chicken or Shrimp

image image

Just follow the direction from the box and voila, you would have a delicious dinner. This is now Rodney’s, Dan’s and my favorite dinner

Bon a petit!!!


lira said...

jambalaya tastes so good. first tasted it at my in-laws.

AC said...

waah!!! ako din never ko pa na try... hhmm.. makahanap nga ng jambalaya mix dito.. hehe..

Manang Kim said...

Lahat dito ay favorite ko. The first time I ate Zattarain brand is from my step-daughter party. Aba may I correctness ako hinde luto and rice! But they thought luto na hahaha! So I made the right way at yun mas lalo silang na in love sa rice. Ito namang sausage, may I halo nang maraming bell pepper at onions ako at voila si hubby nakalimutang may kasalo siya sa table para kumain lol!! Thanks for the visit Mommy Liz!