Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Dream Kitchen

One day, I was reading a magazine and found this article about renovating a house. They transformed their kitchen into this style and I feel so in-love with it. Been telling my hubby I want to paint my kitchen red and white, just like this picture, it doesn’t need to be the same arrangement. We can’t afford to have it changed to this style, but at least, I can repaint it. Now my kitchen is kind of wall papered and I didn’t like it, it looks like old people live there. Among other part of my house, kitchen is my favorite place.

imagePicture: Courtesy of Google 

When, when can I have a kitchen this nice and big.I need space when I cook, I need a lot of counter tops, ahhh! am I just going to tell myself dream on! or it can happen. I guess, there is always hope..

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Rossel said...

nice naman ang kitchen mo a.

btw, thanks for dropping my ec. you're on my top 10 ec droppers. i placed your link on my sidebar right after my ec button. dropped on your ec today and will drop everyday.

sheng said...

that was really nice Mommy Liz...feeling ko masarap magstay sa kitchen at magluto ng magluto pag ganyan kagara ang kitchen mo

Kathy said...

someday sis it will come true! Lalo na ngayon kasi may salary increase na si hubby.. hehehhe...