Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorite Orange Juice….

When you drink an orange juice, what brand do you buy? I know that the fresh squeezed orange is always the best, but with my being lazy, I don’t have the patience to squeeze. I have tried different brands of orange juice, tried Sunny D, Minute Maid, Florida, Tampico, and all that..but, I ended up sticking to TROPICANA.. Yummm..I don’t like the plain juice, I like it with some PULP. Oh, it’s really good.


See how refreshing this picture is? As if you’re drinking out of the grove. Try it and see what I mean..


♥peachkins♥ said...

I love tropicana too !! Parang ngayon lang ako napasyal dito..

acmumcee said...

That's what we drink too. Before I didn't like it ( I just don't like orange juice) because it was too asim for me.. hehe.. but when we had wii and started exercising, then hubby bought pa bathroom scale so I can monitor my body eh nasarapan na ako sa kanya at I drink water nadin (dati totally hindi talaga). Healthy living na ako! haha!!!

Maxi said...

I so love Tropicana. So delicious!

We have this brand here in Sweden which is a relief.

have a great day.

ilikepapercutting said...

It is favourite too.