Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Last night was Fried Pork chop here in our household. Hubby likes it fried and he would eat it with Mac and Cheese. I always eat it with rice and spiced vinegar for dipping. We don’t eat pork chop very often, since Spaghetti is our specialty and I cook it once a week for the kids.

Most of the wives bake the pork chops, but I fry them, hubby likes it crunchy. I would sprinkle it with Season salt, ground pepper, garlic powder and a little salt. I put it in a bowl and pour a scrambled egg on top of it, to coat the meat.

Then, I prepare flour with sprinkled garlic powder, salt and pepper. Before frying the pork chop, I coat it with the powdered mixture, and it needs to be deep fried for the crunchy effect..Ahhh! my hubby will do everything for me once he is done eating, hahaha! Pork needs to be cooked thoroughly, otherwise, we can get sick from it, same as chicken, we can get salmonella out of uncooked chicken.

imagePicture is courtesy of Google, but, finished product looks exactly like this, and oh boy, you would ask for more…

What did you have for dinner? You can try this recipe and you say that I was right, it taste really good.

Bon a petit!!!


Lulu said...

we love pork chops too! very easy and quick to prepare! dipped in a lot of ketchup solve na!

sheng said...

oi magawa nga din ang ganito sa pork..usually kasi sa chicken ko lang ginagawa ang ganitong coating..

kathy said...

Sarap naman nito mommy Liz!