Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SAMGEOBSAL (Korean Food)

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Yesterday, I was craving for some Korean food. When I started being sick with my Gastritis, I ceased from eating some Korean food, I didn’t have the appetite for it. But yesterday, I gave in to my cravings.

I went to the store and got me some of the ingredients and oh boy!! Was I happy to taste that cilantro with some Korean seasonings in my mouth. I thought I was in heaven. So yummie!

I am not writing down the recipe, since not all of us eat Korean food. But those who’s interested, let me know and I will give you the recipe.

Thanks for looking and have a great day to all.


Mrs. Kolca said...

oh, yummy food blog.. blogwalking here :D

shydub said...

Im not so familiar with siome of korean food mommyliz. Galing mo naman you know how to cook or make korean foodies. Kunting rice lang yata pinapakita mo dito ahh hehe joke. ako pa yan isang kalderong kanin.

Manang Kim said...

Naku anything basta green talagang I drool, eh di ba laking vegetable naman tayong mga pinoy pwera na talaga sa ayaw ang vegetable. Di ko ma take young kimchi nila ang anghang super!! This one looks yummy makapagluto na nga at nagutom na ako lol!!

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'anniniput' said...

wow sarap naman! i agree with manang kim, idrool over veges din.. pano to niluluto? hehe...

btw poh, do you know how to make kimchi? wla kc ready made kimchi dto samin sa zamboanga, sobrang pangarap kong mkatikim nun...

thank you mami liza! ^_^

James Arnold Nogra said...

very yummy... ang looks nutritious... I remembered chef rob (a handsome chef of QTV 7) said that if the food looks good, it tastes good... ahehehehe...

thanks for visiting my blog...

Leah said...

Hi Mommy Liz, am visiting you back, thnks for visiting my site. Parang sarap ng Korean Food. Pwede share mo recipe so I can try to cook it, it looks delicious and I'm also a veggie lover. By the way, i just posted the recipe for Lumpiang Sariwa - visit my site baka gusto mo rin try. Have a Nice Day! ... Leah from www.techiemominthekitchen.blogspot.com

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janis said...

oh.... yum!

Cecile said...

this looks like a healthy food, basta greens i like it!

chubskulit said...

wahhhh lalo kong namiss ang korea hehehe... saan ka bumili nung green?