Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fruit Salad

image (Courtesy of Google)

When I was younger, I was so addicted to fruit salad, but unluckily, it costs too much to make some. We always end up making gelatine.

By the time I was able to make it myself, prices went up, but fortunately, I am able to afford it now. It's still expensive, more than a gallon of Ice Cream, but for some reason, Fruit salad always tastes heavenly, especially if it's not too sweet.

Here's how I make mine.


1 big can of Fruit Cocktail

1 condensed milk

1 jar of nata de coco (color of your choice)

1 jar of Kaong (colored ones are optional)

2 can's of nestle cream

1-2 medium sized apples

cut up cheese (optional)

1-2 cups of fresh buko (if available)


Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Make sure you don't put all the condensed milk, taste it first. Too sweet can be so sickening..



Clarissa said...

I haven't been tried fruit salad for a XXyears now,coz there's no kaong here(T_T)and I'm craving for that!!Thanks for sharing!

Madz said...

Hi mommy Liz, thanks sa support mo dn! I appreciate all your advices, your concern, your visits, I really do! Dahan2 lng me ha but will be visiting every now & then! visit me d2 kc sarap ng mga foods, sobrang miss ko na mga msasarap na pagkain, d2 ksi kng ano lng ung inihahanda wla kmi choice, but we will be in a real world soon, to eat all I've been wanting to eat, feel so sorry for my baby kc minsa gusto kong kumain ng grapes but we don't have here, loads of foods that I've been craving for, huuhuh... okay lng I know God will safeguard both of us...

I will write soon about our latest situation here at work!... pahinga muna me.... medyo msakit mga legs ko ngayon at nanlalamig, but will soon see you guys... namimiss ko kc kayo kya hndi prn mwawala sa akin ang blogging despite of my condition... Thanks pinapalakas nyo ako....mwah mwah wamh

Cecile said...

this is making me drool, Liz :-)

gutom na naman tuloy ako :-(

Mom of Four said...

~~~ Clarissa, wala bang Filipino store na malapit dyan? if you can't find kaong, pwede na nata de coco, hehehe, pareho naman from coconut yun..

~~~~ Madz- Whenever you can visit would be great. Take care of yourself, blogging can be done whenever, you have to think of your baby first and foremost.. When are you coming to US?

~~~~Ate Cecile, hahaha..ginutom ka na naman..Ano ba ang na ke crave mong food??? Aside from Fruit salad of cours...Hahaha..Thanks for the visit...